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Crystal Healing Wands

Prices vary




Prices vary



Crystal Healing Pouches




Weighted Eye Meditation Bags/crystal included



Treatment Options

Find Your Soul


The Best way to book your session is to contact me directly.  


Reiki Healing

Balance Your Chi

This can be used in conjunction with other alternative therapies. It takes into account the whole person and helps activate each clients natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being. Contact me personally to book an appointment.

Sound Healing

Natural Healing

Sound healing travels in sound waves and enters into the body, releasing energy blockages. Sound therapy works at a cellular level, and releases low vibrational energy that affects your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  After a single session, you’ll start to feeling changes to your body, mind and energy levels. Contact me personally to book an appointment.


Access Bars

An Ancient Science

This is a hands-on body treatment that leaves patients feeling relaxed and renewed. I love showing my clients how just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to their health. Contact me personall to book an appointment.


 Harmony happens when we work together

My Healing modalities can be used in partnership with other healing alternatives. Contact me for more information.


Yoga Nidra
"I remember that deep relaxation, rest, and freedom are my birthright.  I commit to the practices that lead me to know the deepest parts of myself.  I effortlessly remain awake and aware during the transitions in life.  I recognize every transition as a sacred portal that leads to my truth, power, and wisdom."
-Radiant Rest
Tracee Stanley


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All About Me

My Journey

Mother of four beautiful wildlings, and a wife to an amazingly supportive man. I’ve been on my journey to learn more about what some have considered woo woo since out of my mothers womb.  Since young, I have always been intrigued by what we've been programmed to believe is not real.  I've been meditating with crystals since I was a teenager. I saw energy around trees and humans and felt the emotions of others as if they where my own.  I knew better not to fall into the matrix of mind control, and flowing with what I intuitively know to be true.  In 2020, I started my life journey to create and open my energy field to healing. I love empowering humans to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of the healing arts. Healing mind, body, and spirit.


I am a Quantum Healer, and it's through Reiki, Sound Healing, Access Bars, and Yoga Nidra I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between holistic and western medicine while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal. I am always looking to integrate new treatments and therapies into my practice and believe that continued learning is important for any good Alternative Healer.

One Love



Our family enlisted in the services of  Jasmine Jangula.  Her spirituality, openness and want to heal is the reason I am writing this review.  Whether you have never experienced Reiki or have on occasion, I highly recommend her services. It is an experience that has been far different than any other.  Jasmine's approach is what makes her different. Her light is what heals.

Zobi Kons

Jasmine generously offered to send distance Reiki healing energy to both my mother and myself over the course of several weeks as we transitioned into a new place and town to live.  Jasmine's strong psychic sense was also present in her treatments and her clairvoyant capabilities were sharp.  Spirit blessed us with powerful visions through her and deep insight into our unique karmic journey together.  Not only did the Reiki healing energy calm and support us on a physical and emotional level, it simultaneously pushed back intrusive or oppressive energy that was weighing us down.  Jasmine's has a wealth of otherworldly knowledge and expertise.  I felt very safe receiving her multifaceted sessions.  Jasmine's work is motivated and governed by love and compassion. She demonstrates patience, understanding, and ingenuity toward each person's unique situation.  I will never forget the vision she received that gave me profound insight into my journey here.  We have felt more healed and free of heavy energy as a result.

Shelly Karbonik

I reached out to Jasmine as soon as I heard that my Uncle was in the hospital and diagnosed with brain cancer.  I had asked my Uncle if he would accept the gift of Reiki, his response "I am open to anything that will help me get better".  Jasmine performed several distant Reiki sessions sending light energy with the intention of holding love for his healing process.  My Uncle has held on to his energy of love, protection and strength during his treatment and remains in good spirits.  He has been blessed with the news of a new treatment he will start that sounds promising!  My Uncle is hopeful and grateful for the holistic treatments he is and has received.  I cannot express my deepest appreciation to Jasmine for her support she has provided during this very difficult time for my Uncle and his family.

Anonymous for my uncle

I had my first Reiki session ever and it was with Jasmine.  The minute I stepped into the clinic I felt a warmth of energy. Jasmines words and voice were soothing and I felt relaxed right away!  I felt a range of feelings and emotions in my body throughout the treatment.  My body physically convulsed with intense tears, I could feel Jasmine working with this energy and helping me with this release.  After our session I felt so vulnerable and open. Jasmine took the time to pull a card and we talked through my experience.  Jasmine also shared what she was receiving and how she treated me.  I felt so much lighter and relaxed which has lead me to feel connected to myself and with my family.  Jasmine has a beautiful gift! Find love, find light, find peace, find Jasmine!

Nichole Flitton

Here I am, a middle aged-aged man, attending my first Reiki session.  I have no expectations as it gave me a chance to break free from the kids for a moment. I'm greeted with warmth from Jasmine as I enter and shown a room that is booth inviting and mystical.  Upon lying down i felt relaxed, guided to close my eyes, and imagine my feet taking root to ground me.  What followed has circulated in my thoughts and body since the conclusion of our session.  I never truly imagined that this experience would be so profound and allow me to shed unforeseen strain.  Thank you Jasmine Jangula - aka - natural born energy healer.

Mark Flitton

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